Horse Power

We went to get a license from a local parks department for our jet skis and they told us that the cost of the license would be the length of the vessel multiplied by the horsepower. Michael and I looked at each other and he smirked and shook his head as if to say “Not a word Jesse…not a word”.  I have been known to wonder aloud about things that confound my mind.

We have had this conversation before…about the meaning of horsepower. He insists it is nothing more than a scientific reference to how fast a vehicle goes. I think it goes deeper than that.

In the days before people drove cars, they rode in carriages, on buggies, and on horseback. This was also before the iPhone, mp3 players and coffee makers that grind the beans only seconds before brewing at a preset time.

And I have tried to convince other people that horse power is what the vehicle or vessel manufacturer determined is how many horses it would take to attain a maximum speed.  I get different responses depending on several things…area of education (an electrical engineer thought it was partially correct), motivation of even listening to me ask the question in the first place (acell phone guy who wanted to sell us his 1200 Waverunner said that was ridiculous) – and the level of interest in my question (the grocery bagging kid who thought my 1999 Mitzubishi 3000GT was sweet) said it had something to do with wattage and had no bearing on speed.

The trouble with my own theory is that if our jet skis have 35 horsepower – which ironically is their maximum speed – how exactly would you harness 35 horses to the front of our jet ski?  Horses are much smarter than people and I guess that the fact that they would be doing it in our gator infested Florida lake might inspire them to move quickly. But what about doing it together?

I have discovered that – as much as I would like to beleive differently – I have only one horse power.

Possibly even one pony power with at least one mule who pitches in every now and again and just won’t go away.

Perhaps all this thought about moving and the speed at which it is done is at the forefront of my mind because I had three of the women who I had thought were ready to move ahead…well…they just were not. Tonight as I sit in my warm and cozy condo that smells like delicious vanilla candles, these girls are on the streets…repeating behaviors and patterns that they were familiar with. They just couldn’t take a step of faith and believe that they were worthy of a better life that was filled with love, joy, peace and forgiveness.

Tonight I pray that all the horses we own in jet skis, cars, trucks, trailers and recreational vehicles will find them and allow them to ride them somewhere safe, and if my theory is wrong – or even if it doesn’t matter – these women will find that faith will replace their fear, hope will replace their despondency, and God will wipe away their tears with mercy and grace.


One thought on “Horse Power

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