The Oyster and the Eagle

In the beginning, God created the oyster.  He said “Oyster, I am going to give you the most perfect living environment you could ever imagine.”  He gave the Oyster a shelter in the form of a hard shell.  He gave the oyster food.  Just by opening his mouth food rushes in.  He gave the Oyster protection by placing him at the bottom of the ocean where he would be far away from his predators.  God gave the Oyster everything he needs to survive but the Oyster will never go far.

Then God created the Eagle.  He said “Go ahead Eagle.  Pick a place for a house, but you’ll have to build it yourself.  There’s food out there but you will have to find it yourself.  There is no protection for you but but the gift of flight I have given you, so you will have to do that for yourself as well.  You must create your existence and you can go anywhere you want.”

The Oyster has everything he needs, but he won’t ever go far.  The Eagle lives a risky life in treetops working hard to survive but his boundary is limitless.


One thought on “The Oyster and the Eagle

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