Dagwood For President!

I spent some of the evening watching CNN and just got bummed out watching the bickering and blaming all going on between all of them  And I mean all of them.  Like everyone else in the country – and probably some people NOT in the country, I am both amused and ashamed by our political process.  If I understand it correctly, Florida and Michigan don’t get to participate in the actual vote at the democratic convention because they decided to move up their primary.  I don’t get that.  At least for Michigan.  I think Florida might have played their last several political hands badly, so maybe it’s a good idea for them to get a little “spanking”.

And the candidates!  Ugh! 

I admit that I am inspired by Obama and I find him a little endearing.  He seems wise for his age.  Maybe he is wise enough to suround himself with advisors that will give him all the information that will allow him to make informed decisions…and then, maybe not.  Who knows?  He sort of came out of no where…What I LOVE about him is how he defended his pastor of 30 years even though the guy made some pretty inappropriate comments from the pulpit.  As a preachers daughter, I am so happy he was able to say things like, “Yeah – I don’t agree with him on this subject matter and he probably said the wrong thing, but he’s a good guy and his intentions were good.  He’s retiring this year and he got a little carried away.  Back off the old guy!”  And I paraphrase…

As one of the whatever-million Americans that don’t have Health Insurance, I would love to see a more affordable healthcare system put in place and it seems like Hillary has the right idea for that, but I just don’t think LIKE her.  I mean as a person.  She just seems like the old boys club in drag and I don’t think anybody can trust that old guard.  I do love her colorful clothing and I think she has definately hired the right person to accessorize her (GREAT SHOES!!!), but I’m not sure that good taste is a presidential quality that is going to turn any tables in November.  And I don’t even know if it’s HER good taste!  What if she bought the good taste with the profits from that savings and loan debaucle a few years back.

John McCain?  Oh he’s just so OOOLLLDDD!!!  How can he possibly represent our country and the younger demographic?  Does he have any real grasp of the current issues facing those of us who are looking at retirement sometime in the next 20 years?  At Michaels and I current rate of saving for retirement, I can look forward to a second career as a greeter at Walmart, I guess.

I am open to suggestions…but I think I am going to get behind Dagwood.  Yeah, the guy from the Sunday comics.  He seems like a trustworthy sort.

And his wife has good taste!


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