Family Comes Calling!

Jodi came down with Hans to attend a convention on church planting and they are staying with us.  It’s been so nice to spend time with them!  I coiuld hardly sleep Sunday night I was so excited.  After we picked them up at the airport we all went over to a guys who sells used golf clubs and Hans got a nice set with a bag for lmost nothing.  MIchael and Hans went and played golf while Jodi and I went to the salon to do a little color repair on her hair.

Jodi had gotten a real cute haircut back in December but it had grown out quite a bit – lots of different colors – some good – some not so good.  Now I think everyone should have a little blond but she was pretty sure she didn’t want to go that route so we did some adjusting and some cutting and it jjust turned out beautifully!  I was quite pleased with myself!  I have never felt to comfortable with the darker shades, but we definately have a winner!

I guess the golfing went well too – MIchael says that Hans picked it back up quite well!  I wsh we lived closer together becasue they have so much fun together. 


3 thoughts on “Family Comes Calling!

  1. Rhonda!  Your profile pic is BEAUTIFUL!!!  When I was growing up I always wanted to look like you! So happy that you’re having fun w/Hans & Jodi… how wonderful! I haven’t seen her since Paula’s wedding!It’s great that you’re blogging!  (Oh, and my hair color… dark brown w/ a patch of BLOND at the crown just for fun!)Happy Week!Love, Netta

  2. @RealNetta – Wow – that was very fast!  I have never done any of this blogging before but I do write a client newsletter – email of course – once a week – for the salon so I always have plenty to say.  Hahaha.  I think blogging might be fun.  I was kind of trying to think of the direction I might go…maybe some beauty tips – instructions for haircolor and stylist selection…something I know something about.
    I think a little blond anywhere is fun!
    Thank you for the compliment – no one needs to know that picture is ten years old, right?
    So I hear your husband is quite dynamic and a real creative pastor.  I was going to watch one of the podcasts but I had to do the whole download Itunes thing and it got to be a project that I haven’t completed.  Okay – another project I haven’t completed!  I will get to it though.  He sounds quite the charachter.
    As you may or may not know – I too am married…not to a preacher but to a truly wonderful man…Love him boatloads!!!
    We should talk on the phone sometime…Would love to hear more abouot your life!

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